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Afternoon Naps

I collect many thoughts when I lie in my bed. They intertwine and mingle. They scatter and unite. They hold me down gently for my afternoon nap. They burst like explosions leaving me restless.

I like to visit my mind's museum. Sometimes I will visit with my eyes open staring vacantly into the wind. Sometimes I will visit entranced by the dark universe within. I especially enjoy the fractal shapes and white dots encompassing the universe that lives inside my eyes.

The web that's weaved from my connecting thoughts is a particular one. It can start off simple with the appreciation of a lingering smell but it can rapidly take me to a moment in time that sinks my heart and makes it imposible to even breathe.

One could see me like this, a picture perfect sleeping beauty, and think there's nothing besides rest happening there, but the mind is clever and it works even better when undisturbed.

I have the best thoughts when I throw myself in the arms of Morpheus. The ones I love the most are the ones that come right before I slip away. Those thoughts are like bed time songs. They are innovative little nuggets of carelessness. They can be extensive, complex and convoluted at times but nevertheless they serve the purpose of taking me by the hand to the restful place that's waiting for me.

I collect many thoughts when I lay in bed. Coming up with ideas is one of my favorite things to do when I exist there, recumbent in my rest.

I have the best ones when I'm dormant. This state is the fertile ground for a new life that's not yet lived and a new outlook that's not yet discovered. If you pay attention when you lay yourself tonight in that soft surface that holds you warm, you will learn secrets only you hold the answers for.

All that can happen when you decide to close your eyes for a minute, isn't it magical ? Oh! What a glorious afternoon nap!

Ariann | 08/10/ 2020

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