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My refuge embraces me

At the end of my conscious sleep, when I'm awake but barely there. I slowly begin to emerge.

My eyelids don't feel heavy anymore, I can smell the atmosphere around me, there's color again, the taste of my saliva is flavorful, and touch is so sweet.

I find myself there. I'm a guest in this happy place. My refuge, a weightless space where no masks, or precious energy is required. Pain can rest a second. Even sadness feels lost somewhere. Being present isn't so hard anymore, at least, not here.

It's my temple of solitude. My true self runs around it naked and raw. It bares itself in all it's glory for I'm a vessel for my soul. No more that undead creature, not here.

I fall deep into it's pits of modest pleasure, the shift is so subtle yet so disarming. A refuge from the constant voice of hurry. There's nothing to achieve here. A place where I plainly exist.

My refuge embraces me.

Ariann | 2023

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