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Rethinking Art: Defying the Algorithm

In a world obsessed with productivity and monetization, the essence of art often takes a backseat. As an illustrator, comic book artist, and animation student, I've witnessed a shift in the content shared by fellow artists and creators. Instead of insightful glimpses into their personal struggles and artistic processes, my feed is now inundated with advice on churning out more content - more videos, posts, reels, Tik Toks - and how to maximize profits.

It's time to break free from this relentless pursuit of success and reframe our approach to art.

Embracing a Different Perspective:

In the pursuit of recognition and support for our creative endeavors, social media platforms seem like an obvious starting point. We believe that everyone is there, eagerly awaiting our next masterpiece. However, these platforms have transformed into digital billboards, driven by advertising revenue. The consequence? A never-ending demand for content, leading to an overwhelming pressure on artists to constantly produce.

Questioning the Current Creative Culture:

I find myself pondering the reasons behind this cultural shift in creativity. Have we become so entangled in the breakneck speed of our capitalist society that we resort to shortcuts like AI-generated art? Are these technological advancements genuinely meant to democratize art, or are they merely tools to expedite and cheapen production? Do they celebrate the uniqueness of human creativity, or do they inadvertently devalue our contributions in the name of efficiency?

Taking a Stand Against the Algorithm:

I, for one, have grown weary of this current that seems to be dragging many of us into a vortex of anxiety, comparison, and self-doubt. It's time to defy the algorithm. No more daily posts, no more meticulously curated fronts, and no more craving for constant attention.

Embracing the Value of Slow Work:

Instead, let's redirect our focus towards valuing the deliberate and contemplative process of creating art. Let's champion pieces that are raw, authentic, and unapologetically self-indulgent. It's time to celebrate the beauty of thoughtful artistry and the power of vulnerability.

In a world fixated on metrics and algorithms, it's crucial to reclaim the essence of art. Let's shift our gaze from the relentless pursuit of productivity to the profound value of creating with intention. By embracing the unique, the slow, and the authentic, we can forge a path that redefines success in the realm of art. It's time to break free from the confines of the algorithm and rediscover the true essence of creativity.

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