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Wacom Intuos one year later. Is it still worth it? Tablet Review

One year ago I made a video giving you guys my first impressions of the Wacom Intuos. I have used this drawing every single day since then and created many pieces of work, commissions, comics, and more with it so the question is, after all this time and after all this use, does it still hold up? And am I still happy with it?

You guys know I appreciate that people have a lifetime live and things to do so as always if you are interested in the short answer. My short answer is yes of course this tablet still holds up and I’m still very much happy with it.

If you are interested in the longer answer that’s completely subjective and coming from my own personal experience using it then stick with me for a little longer.

First let's talk about the small hiccups I have experienced while using the tablet for over a year. My biggest complaint about the tablet is that sometimes the bluetooth can be unreliable. I have had to restart my computer or turn the tablet on and off several times in the past in order for the tablet to work wirelessly. This hasn’t been too bad as you can always plug the tablet with the cord and the problem is fixed but the whole point of this tablet being wireless is… well! Not using wires to use it!

This is not something that happens too often or that is annoying enough for me to not want to keep using it and enjoying it, but I thought I’d mention it if you are a bit impatient with things like this.

One more thing that I feel like might be annoying to some of you is that if you use this tablet everyday like me you will find that the nibs don’t last so long and that you will have to replace them every 4 to 6 months depending on the use you give them. Again! This is not a big issue since nibs aren’t specially expensive or hard to find, but again it’s worth mentioning.

This is never an issue for me because I don’t use shortcut keys on my tablets and always use a keyboard for that but it’s important to keep in mind that the amount of shortcut keys on this tablet is limited to 4 keys.

Now, for the good stuff! In general this product is the type of product that I love because it’s affordable yet not so basic that it only works for entry level art production. The wacom intuos is sturdy, compact, responsive, easy to use, and durable. All of this for 200 US if you get the medium version but if you are new to art, a student, or constrained by a budget I feel like the small versions of this tablet would work perfectly for you and they are way cheaper.

I hope this was helpful for you guys and that it gave you a better idea of what you are looking at when considering buying a wacom intuos.

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